Kazem Edmond, Ph.D.

Colloidal Scientist at Oxford University

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Self-assembly of colloidal chains

Bulk self-assembly of colloidal chains from bowl-shaped particles.

Ongoing work with Tess Jacobson, Stefano Sacanna, Andrew H. Hollingsworth, and David J. Pine.

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Rotational diffusion

First direct observation of decoupling between rotational and translational diffusion in a supercooled fluid.

Research collaboration with Mark T. Elsesser, Gary L. Hunter, David J. Pine, and Eric R. Weeks.

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Confinement effect

Confinement induces a colloidal glass transition, finding the longest colloidal lengthscale.

Research with Gary L. Hunter and Eric R. Weeks.

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Stable viscoelastic jets as a template for the colloidal self-assembly of cylindrical capsules.

Research collaboration with Anthony D. Dinsmore and Jonathan P. Rothstein.

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Highly fluorescent oil-in-water micro-emulsions.

Research with Christopher R. Knutson and Jing Zhou.

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Roel Dullens in the Oxford Colloid Group at Oxford's University Chemistry Department.

My research focuses on engineering colloidal particles to model complex materials. Using advanced microscopy techniques, we investigate both their microscopic and macroscopic rheological properties.

We acknowledge generous financial support from the European Research Council.